Kodama Stool

Kodama Stool

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Simple 3 legged stool

The top is made from a single piece of burr Oak.

The one pictured has a bit of the ‘live edge’ left on. If the tree is cut at the right time of year, the bark may also stay on. Its hand planed with a compass plane for comfort.

The top will slightly change shape over time with seasonal movement.

Legs, turned on the lathe, are also in oak. They are then joined using a round wedged mortise and tenon.

The stool gets it name from the Japanese word ‘Kodama’ which means ‘Tree Spirit’. Where the legs come through the top of the stool, looks like the cartoon depiction of these ‘Tree Spirits’

For different timber variations and prices please feel free to get in touch.

Scroll down to see a process video.

8-10 week lead time.

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